Essential Tips To Play DominoQQ

DominoQQ is a gambling game that comes under the dominoes category of games. You can play DominoQQ game on pkv games, as it is a very safe website for playing gambling games. In pkv games, many other dominoes games are also available such as City 66, Adu Q, etc. However, the most exciting type of dominoes game is Domino QQ.

Like most gambling games, Domino QQ also takes some time for beginners to get familiar with. But after a player gets experienced, it becomes a fun gaming experience. So, if you also want to play this exciting game but don’t know how to do it, you can follow these basic rules.

Every Beginner Should Know This

DominoQQ consists of twenty-eight double-six dominoes. Every player places a bet, and the amount of the bet can vary according to the player’s budget. The players can decide whether to play with high bets or low bets.

As every player’s bet is collected, the final bet value is accumulated. Then, the dealer provides three dominoes to every player. The players then will see their three dominoes and decide on four options according to the situation.

Matching Of Bet

In bet matching, the first step is to check whether the player has a matching bet. If a player has a matching bet, it’s upto player if he wants to raise the bet or sit back. If every player chooses to sit back or anyone on the table does not match the bet. The player with the highest bet on the table will automatically win the pot.

In the second case, the dealer distributes the fourth card if more than one player has the same amount of bet pots. Every round has a specific betting limit. The betting amount in a round cannot exceed a specific limit.

Special Cards In Dominoqq

Several cards are used in the Domino QQ game. If a player understands these cards, there is a much higher probability of winning the game.

  • Distinct cards: Distinct cards in DominoQQ include varieties of cards such as six god cards and small pure cards. It also includes four log cards as well as big pure cards.
  • Six God Cards: God cards include six total dots on the card, starting from the bottom to the top. The players will have four god cards. These god cards will have a value of six. These god cards hold the highest value in the game.
  • Four log cards: Four logs, more extensive and smaller cards, include an equal number of circles from the bottom to the top of the card.

How To Win In Domino QQ Game?

If you are a beginner at gambling games, you should play the game without money. Several apps provide DominoQQ games for free. Once you have learnt the basic gameplay, then you can move ahead to play with real money.

While playing with real money for the first time, make sure you start with a small bet. Then, after playing with a small number of bets, you can slowly move to place higher bets for the pot.

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