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Okay, let’s get this over with.  I need this awful joke/pun out of my system, for which I will probably be doomed to eternal hellfire.

“What do you get when the US military airlifts tons of Jamaican weed to the Yazidi people in the mountains of Iraq?”


(I’m sorry.  I’m just…  I’m just so sorry.)


What a gorgeous photo of Yazidis. (Taken by Rob Leutheuser)

And what a gorgeous photo of baked ziti!  (This one NOT taken by Rob Leutheuser)

I do not envy the plight of the Yazidis. Persecuted by the “IS” (aka ISIS) in Iraq, they’re being forced to (literally) “run for the hills,” facing starvation & death. There is much confusion surrounding this people that no one (myself included) ever heard of until a couple of days ago. Many people of competing faiths in the region believe the Yazidi religion is “devil worship.” To add to the confusion, it incorporates many elements from both Christianity and Islam. Wikipedia says it’s linked to Zoroastrianism (although these days, even Wikipedia can’t be counted on for things of the true-ish nature.  And I admit I get a juvenile rush of delight when they are taken to task on some falsehood.

When Wiki wrong? I be all like, “Ooooh, snap! You so stupid, Wiki!” And then Wiki, he be all like “Awwww, nahh!!  Oops! My bad!”

My hero: Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel. I summon her spirit whenever I have to bring a snooty white dude down a notch or two. Okrrr, SIR?

Thankfully, what started out as an obsessive need to scratch that “pun itch”  led me to actually learn a few things, most of which was gleaned from a fascinating article on the mysterious religion.

Okrrrrr?     POP QUIZ!

True or Cray?

1) The Yazidis are devil worshippers!

2) The Yazidi religion is linked to Zoroastrianism

3) They pray to a peacock five times a day…

4) … Because they worship the NBC television network

5)  Alison Moyet (lead singer of 80’s super-group “Yaz”) recorded their first album in a Kurdish cave with several high ranking Yazidi clerics on woodblock, large rusted pot, & harp.

To learn the correct answers, you’ll have to click HERE,  (a genuinely fascinating article by Diana Darke).

I wanted to do that cool, fun thing they used to do in Highlights Magazine:
where they print the T/F answers upside down at the bottom of the page, but my typing is for SHIT when I’m standing on my head.

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