Mary Birdsong


What other show do you know of where you can get Al Pacino, Judy Garland, and a real live Toto in the same room with fabulous and lovely Dot Marie Jones (Coach Shannon Beiste on Glee!)?  No, it’s not a special edition of Celebrity Rehab.  It’s Bitter Party of 5!  And Dot is just one of the many fabulous celebs who VOLUNTARILY chose to sit down at the table of bitter.  There are lots more in store. Why do they keep saying yes?

Hoochie, MAMA! Hottie McHotterson Allison Janney will also appear in a soon-to-be-released Bitter Party of 5. Wait til you see what delicious scandal the lady reaps!


Laura Benanti (ABC’s Go On) ain’t just pretty. Wait til you see how CRAZY-QUICK ON HER FEET she is when surrounded by bitterness!

Chris Colfer will be the next victim, uh, GUEST on Bitter Party of 5!



Missi Pyle got to work w/Mary Birdsong in the blockbuster Percy Jackson 2 (due out this August) and now she’ll be hanging out w/Mary and four of her most bitter pals– in Bitter Party of 5. She’s tough- she can take it. And still look gorge!

Maybe it’s all an evil plot of vengeance by Wayne Knight? Could HE be at the bottom of all of this?


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