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On discovering the pesky “pleated pants poltergeist,”  Weiner explained,

“At first I was scared.  Then I was titillated.  Then I was just plain itchy.  I knew my trousers needed  an exorcism, stat!  I had all kinds of questions… would a priest even perform such a service for a man “of the tribe” like myself? And more importantly, would the taxpayers pay for it?  I had to have faith.  And some talcum powder.”

— SSPR (Spirit Seeker Paranormal Report) to read more, find us on twitter, and facebook.

And here’s actual video footage of a young, afro-sporting Anthony Weiner engaging with the 30″ wide-leg cargo-pants poltergeist! Proof that this phantom has been haunting him his whole life!


— The Spirit Seeker (@SpiritSkr) July 29, 2013

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