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As a single woman living in Los Angeles, I have done my share of online dating.  But I officially decided to eschew all dating sites a little over a month ago.  I’m done.  And it feels good.  I’ve decided to just live my life, in the flesh, and if I meet HIS flesh? Then great.  I don’t care if it doesn’t happen til I’m 65.  I can wait if he’s the right guy.  But I am tired of my love life feeling more like homework, or a series of bad job interviews.  That’s just not sexy to me.

But you know what IS?


Scantily-clad Scandinavian (Mary Birdsong) shows off her Scandi-navel.

Scantily-clad Scandinavian (Mary Birdsong) shows off her Scandi-navel.— mary birdsong (@marybirdsong) March 20, 2013

Travis Fimmel as The Vikings’ protagonist “Ragnar Lothbrok.” The 8th century’s “Ax Man”


Sigh… when he’s not beheading innocent monks in Ireland, he’s such a sweeeeet-heart!

Ragnar Lothbrok, I cannot resist.  I am hooked.  I even love the way he (played by Travis Fimmel) over-annunciaTes all of his ConsonanTs. (And for a man who seems to have made his living primarily as a model before this, I am pretty impressed with his acting chops thus far.  And his abs, too.)

If Game Of Thrones is the domain of closet-nerd dudes who fall just outside the realm of the D&D crowd, then The History Channel’s new nine-part mini-series The Vikings is more like…

Single Nerdy Girl

Soft-Core Porn.

And for that, I thank ye, History Channel. Thank ye.


If you have a tendency to blink (thus missing my tweet about The History Channel’s new series THE VIKINGS) here it is:

@historyvikings writers: plz have #Ragnar timetravel to 2013 LA (pref landing in my apt) 2 battle an evil temptress…



  • Comment by Jerry Eberts — March 20, 2013 @ 12:50 am

    You are funny. And hot. Any Viking would be lucky to drag you back to his boat.

  • Comment by Mary Birdsong — March 21, 2013 @ 10:19 pm

    aww, well, thanks, jerry! i DID once play a German woman named Helda Grudge. No lie.

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