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Remember those cute little cut-out cards we used to exchange on Valentine’s Day in elementary school?  Well they still exist on eBay.  And they’re not expensive at all.   I even found cards that dated back to the 1910s!  Some of them still had the names of the giver and the receiver on them.. names like Lilac and Henry, Bertha and Reginald!  The older the cards were, the more delicate and ornate they got.  Some of them were just so beautiful I can’t even bear to part with them.  The Valentines Day gift bags below are some that I made up as an “office” gift, but I think they’d work for any age or gender.

DIY Valentines Day Gift Bags- so old school they're hipster approved annnnd CHEAP!

DIY Valentines Day Gift Bags- so old school they’re hipster approved annnnd CHEAP!

Super easy. Super fun. Super fast.  Paper lunch bags from RiteAid, old-school wooden clothespins from the 99 Cent Store, & vintage Valentines cards (60s/70s) purchased on eBay! Fill with whatever goodies your heart so desires.


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