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This is (obviously) a SUPER-GROSS BILLBOARD

for the HALLMARK channel’s movie of the week*

A Ring By Spring

I drove by it the other day and I was really grossed out by it. So grossed out, in fact, that a cop pulled me over!
Cop: Ma’am, do you realize how cynically you were driving just now?
Me: Yessir.
Cop: You were also in a no vomiting lane.
Me: I’m sorry sir…..
(awkward silence)
Me: Sir?
Cop: Ma’am?
Me: Are you single, sir?

So this V-Day, drive carefully, won’t you?  Eyes on the road.  Not on smiling ladies swinging from trees on giant engagement rings.  As the no texting campaign so aptly put it, “It can wait.”

A Ring By Spring?  Feh.  It can wait.

A Ring By Spring? Feh. It can wait.










*In show biz, people are all really important and don’t have time to say big long phrases like movie…of…the….weeeeek.   They say “m.o.w.” instead.  (If this insider information gets you laid at your next Hollywood cocktail party, please let me know!)

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