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Eh, who cares.  What's one more Facebook friend gonna hurt?

Eh, who cares. What’s one more Facebook friend gonna hurt?




You know, a lot of people are on a mission as of late to clean house on their Facebook friend list. Whereas  before the goal was to have the most Facebook friends possible,  it’s now become downright unfashionable to acquire more and more friends. There’s been a trend developing.  People are suddenly all fired-up about ridding their friend list of any folks they’ve never met in the flesh, or of people who probably wouldn’t help them move if they had to suddenly relocate, or of Republicans. Not me.  I’ve decided to fashion myself as the Statue of Liberty of Facebook friends.  No one else ‘ll take ya?  Awww.  Poor thing.  Come on over, you. Pull up a chair.  Find some room.  But for God’s sake if you so much as post one sentence about how awesome guns are or what a douchey, socialist Muslim Obama is?  Duh-lete!


“I’ll add your tired, your poor, your huddledun-friended masses recently set free; the wretched rejects who comment on your posts no more. Send these, the friendless, Facebook-tossed to me.  I click the button that soothes and ‘adds.’ A stranger?  Not no more!”

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