Mary Birdsong


At Trader Joe’s they were handing out free samples of their pre-packaged frozen Thanksgiving dinners.  Just a taste.

I took a tiny little paper souffle cup filled with about an ounce of stuffing, turkey & gravy in it.  Delish!  I was tempted to buy one of the pre-cooked dinners, but I couldn’t bare the thought of walking up to the register by myself to purchase it.  That would be tantamount to admitting being single with no plans for Turkey Day.

This pre-fab, microwaveable feast was Trader Joe’s answer to Swanson’s “HUNGRY MAN ENTREE®.”

But since TJ’s catered to hip, healthy, urban women, and not hungry men, it was more of a “LONELY woMAN ENTREE.”
Just then a gal who can only be described as a garden variety Los Angeles supermodel in sweatpants (hair meticulously styled to look like she hadn’t washed it in a month, bones protruding in all the right places, collagen filling in the rest) took a sample, too.

“Mmmmm,” she said, her mouth full of 1.5 ozs. of a hearty Thanksgiving dinner,  “How many does this serve?”

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