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Those of u with strong stomachs? Google “child torture in Syria”. It is so heartbreaking, so gruesome… it makes the CNN footage Anderson Cooper “warns” us about look like a few BandAids on Munchkinland.
What if our country had turned it’s back on the concentration camps during WWII? How can we allow what is happening to happen? This is no video game. These are real children who are being shot at in the streets, or tortured and then returned to their parents in boxes– their bodies covered in hundreds of cigarette butts from where they were extinguished into their skin. And that’s the tame version. It seems to me that this Atlantic Ocean of ours has a way of blinding America to the atrocities that aren’t financially beneficial to us. But the atrocities with dollar signs attached? We see those in neon, as if they were in our own backyard.

I’m going to do something I never do. I’m going to reach out to the fundamentalist Christian community right now. I’m a liberal. And most liberals think you all are a joke. So I’m asking you to prove them wrong. FUNDAMENTLIST CHRISTIANS? ARE YOU LISTENING? If ever there was a chance for you to stop the senseless killing of innocent children– this is it. Put down your placards and homemade protest signs meant to strike the fear of G-d into anyone daring to offer birth control, gather your good Christian soldiers and go over to the Muslim world to make a living amends to your Muslim brothers and sisters for all the bloodshed the Christians caused them during the Crusades. Do something that is actually CHRIST-like. If the politicians won’t do something, WHY NOT YOU???

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