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Three cheers to Richard Brody for making special mention of casting director John Jackson, who did the casting for the Fox Searchlight film The Descendants (of which I am one very grateful and lucky cast member).  I actually had the pleasure of dining with Sir JJ (aka John Jackson) tonight, at the invitation of our mutual friend Andy Corren.  And here’s some JJ trivia for those cynics who think all casting directors can’t act their way out of an earth-friendly reusable shopping bag…

It just so happens that John Jackson has the distinction of playing a zombie in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.  And do you know what? He was so good that they gave him a LINE!  Everyone knows that zombies aren’t supposed to speak.  But he was that good.  Do you know what that line was?

SEND MORE PARAMEDICS!  And the beauty of it all is that while he was delivering the line?  He was EATING A PARAMEDIC.

So yes, three cheers to you Mr. Brody.  Everyone knows Payne is a genius, but maybe now the next time some actor steps in front of the camera for JJ, he that actor will be properly intimidated by JJ’s awesomeness.



The Front Row: House of Payne: “The Descendants” : The New Yorker.




p.s. And if you didn’t catch JJ’s star turn in the zombie classic, you can catch him soon in (of all things) TARTUFFE.  In Iowa.  Yes, Iowa.  Shut up.

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