Mary Birdsong


When I’m  Queen-Mayor of L.A., the phrase “GOING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION” will be illegal, punishable by death.  It will be replaced by THEY LIKED THAT OTHER CHICK A WHOLE LOT MORE.”

Now THAT’S a phrase I could get behind.  It’d basically be applying the philosophy behind the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” to your career…

“No hard feelings.  They just thought the other person didn’t suck.”

Or…   “They wanted a red head.”

Or… “someone  younger, older, fatter, thinner, softer, angrier, sexier, less goofy, Republican, vegetarian….”

I can handle that like a grownup.

But I swear on my  8 x 10 glossies that I’d feel a lot better about myself if the entire Los Angeles community agreed to stop walking on egg-shells and just say “Yeah– they went with a Cuban chick with awesome abs.”

In all fairness– I hear she’s hilarious.

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