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This Father's Day... give Dad the perfect T-Shart.

This Father’s Day… give Dad the perfect T-Shart.

designall-1.dllBuy ’em here: T-SHART T-SHIRTS from … in any color/size/style he likes. Is he into wearing baby tees? Go for it, Dad!  Show off that flabby belly and be proud!

“I SHART THE SHERIFF (BUT I DID NOT SHART THE DEPUTY”) t-shirts, just in time for Father’s Day!

Does your dad like old rock songs? Reggae?  Does he embarrass you by singing along w/the car radio in white person “dad” rhythm while he drives you and your apathetic teenage friends to the mall while you silently judge him?  Get him this t-shirt for his Father’s Day.       Once he puts it on, he won’t have to SING his favorite song anymore, cuz he’ll be wearing it. P.S. If you just can’t get enough shart humor… boy did you come to the right blog post.  You’re welcome:


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