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How delightful!

I’d never even heard of this chap “Ken” before today.  I happened upon his twitter page by chance, &  felt compelled to click PURELY because of his very impressive sounding name.  I mean, who doesn’t wanna know a fellow w/a name like SIR KEN ROBINSON? Having checked him out, I’m duly impressed, & have decided to change MY name to… SIR MARY BIRDSONG  


Oh, Mr. “Sir” Ken Robinson (if that’s your real name), I SEE your Sir Ken Robinson, and I raise you a third. 

Still, names can be misleading.  I had a brother named DONALD EDWARD BIRDSONG, THE 3RD. Impressive, right?  Right. Well, he was a truck driver. Family called him Bubba.  Still, he was smart enough to write his full name (including the “third” bit) on job applications, letters, & forms of all kinds. Why? Because they’d call him in just to meet the man behind that incredibly impressive sounding epithet. So, maybe he WAS impressive after all.

I won’t say “Here’s to you, Sir Ken Robinson.”

No, I won’t say that.I’ll just say… “Woo, woo,

woo.” And I’ll mean it.

Listen, if you don’t already have one, I hope you get yourself a son named Ken (I’d even volunteer for the task, but I see you are wearing a wedding ring in the photo.  Pity.) And I hope someday your son Ken has his own son named Ken, & so on & so on, so that someday, there will, in fact, really be a Sir Ken Robinson, III.  Why not shoot for the IV?  Or the IX?  Cheers!

Your humble servant,

Sir Mary “Wishes She Was British” Birdsong

p.s. The Third

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