Mary Birdsong

If the Lifetime Network’s “Intimate Portrait” series makes you wanna hurl, this is the show for you.

This is the show where Mary gives us a peek at the many “special” people who touched her along the way. From the abandoned, country-western-singing, single mother who sang Mary to sleep with a stirring rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Egg Suckin’ Dog” to the oven-mitt wearing, tater-tot-cooking sexually frank Philadelphia housewife, these characters will make you reaize why Mary is still kind of tense and irritable. Playing characters mined from years paying her dues in the sketch comedy world, this is the show that sent Mary off and running into a steady stream of tv roles. Directed by Andy Secunda (of The Conen O’Brien Show and The 2 Andys), the show is an hour in length, and has been performed in NYC at Gotham City Improv and in L.A. at “Improv Olympic.”

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