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In case you live in a cave, Reno 911 is a hilarious series on Comedy Central about a bunch of inept law enforcement nincompoops that’s entirely improvised.

Deputy Kimball

The Series

Debuting in 2003, it quickly collected a devoted cult following (that’s showbiz code for “it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea.”). But with each new season people seem to be embracing the show with a big cable bear-hug. Now celebrities are clamoring to do cameos on the show. It wasn’t until season 3 (in 2005) that Reno’s finest decided they needed some new blood on the force. Some raw meat. More muscle. But rather than slaughter a cheetah (too messy, and way over their budget), they thought it’d be easier to audition some rookie cops. Enter Deputy Kimball (yes, Mary). She’s the most dour of the bunch. A self-professed “straight edge” Christian gal from the Texas/Louisiana border who is constantly being accused of being a lesbian, and denies it every time. Sure she has a poster of Hilary Duff in her locker that she confiscated from a domestic dispute call, and sure she can kick your ass at bowling, but challenge her to an arm wrestle and you be the judge.

The Movie

Paramount/Fox released the feature film “RENO 911: MIAMI” in theatres across the country in 2007. It had so many laughs it shoulda been illegal. See the trailer for the movie HERE.

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the movie!

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