Mary Birdsong

A seven member sketch comedy group that rocked NYC in the early to mid-90s.

All of the Live On Tape members are still churning out funny stuff, sometimes together, sometimes as solo performers. Cast members: Mary Birdsong, Tom Bolster, Barbara Herel, Alec Holland, Tony Menutto, Jimmy Palumbo & Amy Wilson. Live On Tape was originally produced by Mike Stafford, John Fair and Joe Nelms. In the mid-90s the William Morris Agency took notice, and within months the group was signed to do their own tv sketch comedy pilot for NBC. Filmed in the legendary studio “8H” (where Saturday Night Live tapes all their episodes) at Rockefeller Center, the group managed to put 5 half hour episodes of amazing character-based sketch comedy on tape. These pilots were produced by Jim Biederman and directed by John Fortenberry. Steve Korren (of “Seinfeld”) served as the genius headwriter. Though NBC chose not to air those pilots, stop by studio 8H and ask some of the tech guys if they remember Live On Tape. They will quote lines from a few sketches. And everyone knows… if you can make the crew laugh- you got it.

Review from Backstage Newspaper
“Laughing Matters” by Amelia David
I TRY not to get hypnotized by the buzz that sketch groups generate. I often feel that these groups have a few really stellar performers and that the rest pale next to those talented teammates. One group however, “Live On Tape,” has just taped five episodes for NBC. I couldn’t be happier for members Tony Mennuto, Mary Birdsong, and Tom Bolster. They’ve been paying their dues for years, creating one-of-a-kind characters and fearless improv, and any group they’ve chosen to join is worth a look.

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