Mary Birdsong


The New York Times, Ben Brantley:
“…a nifty Wizard of Oz riff, in which Mr. Short appears as a singing picket fence to Mary Birdsong’s spot-on Dorothy, comes and goes all too quickly.”, Kevin Manganaro:
“In one of the show’s highlights, Birdsong flawlessly channels Judy Garland in a duet with Martin Short as a picket fence. In a side-splitting Golden Globes send-up, Birdsong morphs into pantsuited Jodie Foster.”, David Finkle:
“Mary Birdsong… sings like a Garland bird in the Oz segment.”

Backstage, Leonard Jacobs:
“Short surrounds himself with a superlative quintet… Mary Birdsong’s imitations of Joan Rivers and Judy Garland, among others, are to die for.”

Hollywoodreporter, Frank Scheck:
“Fellow cast members Ashmanskas, Mary Birdsong and Nicole Parker provide hilarious support in the sketches.”, Martin Denton:
“…four other hugely talented performers take even more active roles. They are: Brooks Ashmanskas, Nicole Parker, Capathia Jenkins, and, to my mind most invaluably, Mary Birdsong, who channels Judys young and old, and goes on to deliver dead-on portraits of Jodie Foster… and Joan Rivers.”, Matthew Murray:
“Birdsong adroitly channels celebrities ranging from Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli to Joan Rivers.”

NY1, David Cote:
“Birdsong’s Judy Garland and Joan Rivers impressions are dead on.”, Michael Kuchwara:
“…there are several astonishing impersonations, most notably Mary Birdsong’s spot-on re-creation of Judy Garland and Joan Rivers…”

Variety, David Rooney:
“He frequently and generously allows the spotlight to linger on his co-stars, giving ample space, for instance, to priceless Mary Birdsong’s spot-on Judy Garland in ersatz “Wizard of Oz” pic “The Farmer’s Daughter.” Birdsong and Nicole Parker score some of the biggest laughs with a roster of impersonations, nailing Jodie Foster, Renee Zellweger, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Rivers, among others.”

Variety, Dennis Harvey:
“Short is an undoubted treasure, his co-stars quite wonderful comedically and vocally (especially Birdsong, with her cleverly deployed Garland impersonation).”

Chicago Sun-Times, Hedy Weiss:
“…amazing work by Mary Birdsong”

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