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“If women would just stop using contraception, get married, & leave work early to cook family dinner, U.S. would bounce  back?”

— Mitt the “Mittsogynist” Romney

Back where we belong...

Raising the (Candy) Bar on Moderation: CNN'S Candy Crowley

Other Hofstra highlights from Presidential Debate:

— Obama gets a “Her Says Kiss” from CNN’s sweet tooth  moderator,  Candy “Crispy-Correspondent-Clusters” Crowley- DELISH!  Crowley not afraid to correct G.O.P. when G.O.P. talks G.O.Poop! After Romney misquotes Obama’s Rose Garden response to consulate attack in Libya, Crowley corrects Mitt with a gentle “Actually, Gov. Romney…”

You CROW, Crowley! You crow!

— Lastly, actress/blogger Birdsong reaches all-time high of winky puns & alliterative nicknames in debate blog post!

Big Mamas Honeymoon Underpants.

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