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My dad, Pete Birdsong*, (his actual name is Donald Edward Birdsong, Jr., which sounds oh-so-much fancier, but for some mysterious reason which he will not disclose, everyone just calls him Pete) was recently featured in Chevy Chaser magazine for his achievements in model railroading.  Pete Birdsong: Model Trains.

“Pete Birdsong’s model railroad basement setup is more of a miniature replication of an actual turn-of-the-century logging railroad than an outright collection, but it’s evident the master model railroader has collected many pieces to make the Fernwood Lumber Company in Magnolia, Miss., and all of its surroundings, come alive.

“This represents a real railroad down in Mississippi around the turn of the century,” Birdsong said.

— by Robbie Clark

*Pete lives in Lexington, KY, but originally hails from the little town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, where legend has it he was a crack-shot bag-boy at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  Rock on, Petey



, rock on.

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