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(Because okra’s gross.  But Oprah’s not. And if ANYONE can give this slimy, Cajun-cooked freak a TV-ready makeover, it’s Oprah.  Here’s my killer idea for the world’s worst cooking show.)

There's okra. There's Oprah.  And you get to meet them both!

There’s okra. And there’s Oprah. And you’d get to meet both!


It’s perfect for the FOOD NETWORK (or O.W.N. – not sure which).  Maybe it’ll be one of those new-fangled shows that are simulcast on two channels at once! Okay, so the concept is simple- Every episode, a Southern lady would makes a dish that includes  meat, and a mushy, slimy vegetable that creeps me out (aka OKRA). Then Oprah comes out and eats it. Come on- it writes itself!  Seriously, I really do hate okra, unless it’s in a gumbo or something, but this  recipe for Ground Beef Chili with Stir-Fried Okra actually looks pretty good, and is very healthy. This nice lady at seems to like okra a lot, so maybe I should re-think…

…those slimy little sci-fi lookin’ green sumbitches!  Aaaaaghhhhhh!!!!! 

This is Capt Kirk on planet okra- do you read me?

(Photo of Oprah, sans her adorbs okra accessories, courtesy of rolling

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