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How can a man so powerful be so scared of a few rainbow flags?  Is he scared that some gay athletes out there might just toss that discus with a tad more flair than his straight as a sickle Russians will? Vlad has recently stated that gays should be “relaxed and calm” about these laws banning homosexual propaganda.  

I think the U.S. should go to the Olympics, but only on one condition- our uniforms should be head-to-toe               rainbow, or (even better) leather vests, ass-less chaps, and handlebar mustaches!

Soooooo, I guess the deal is that Vlad Putin has made it clear he don’t want no gays throwin’ no javelins (or any of that “gay propaganda” they love to toss around) at his Olympics.  He’s passed all this crazy legislation to make sure that won’t happen, yada yada yada.  To read the New York Times editorial on this story, with all the facts and whatnot, click here.


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