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On a recent episode of Justice w/Michael Sandel, the subject was same sex marriage. One of Sandel’s students postulated that masturbation (sex w/oneself) could technically lead to marriage with oneself being legally recognized by our government. Much laughter all around.  Well, I just read on the website that author/astrologer (and self-proclaimed “Aspiring Master of Curiosity”) Rob Brezsny married hundreds of people to themselves at the Plastic Chapel during the Burning Man festival in the summer of 2001. An excerpt from his book “Pronoia Is The Antidote For Paranoia” reads “The ecstatic ritual culminated just an hour before Brezsny himself was burned on Saturday night, September 1. As the moon rose over the black rocks, the desert air shivered with the sounds of hundreds of blissed-out rapture hounds shouting out the vow ‘I am a fucking genius!’ as per Brezsny’s instruction.” Sounds like a LOT more fun than most weddings I’ve been invited to. And I have to wonder, are all those brave individuals still married to themselves? If so, maybe they have something to teach both heterosexual and same-sex married couples about how to make love (and commitment) last.  And just think… no awful pre-wedding fights about whether or not to invite weird cousin Janice.

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