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My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered a wide range of  pain (different strengths, different types, etc).  I feel you.  Pain is such a rainbow of things– like those “variety packs” of sugary-awesome cereal I’d beg my mom to buy as a kid:

PAIN!  Now in 5 great flavors!

Physical! Chronic! Mental! Emotional! and now in delicious new ANXIETY! Mmm!

The crevasse between brain and body

is still deemed so…


Well, the little nugget of wisdom I found (posted in this entry, below) will probably come as a great relief to you .   It’s yet another fantastic clip I mined from my favorite book, Rob Brezsny’sPronoia.”  Mr. Brezsny is a genius at collecting wonderfully random (yet cohesive) nuggets and bringing them to the masses.  This one is a quote he reprinted from David Pearce of, which addresses the chasm between brain and body which is still deemed so unpassable by most of our modern western medical community.  I think the tide is starting to turn, though, and I can’t wait for the day when more and more credible, respected doctors start to acknowledge that there IS no high-security gate; no danger-ridden Mexican border crossing between our neck and our heads.

This separation is so entrenched it’s as if we’re still living in a segregated society without knowing it– with white bodies and black heads– we’re not allowed to drink at the same water fountain.

Oh yeah?  Well, I have a dream, too,


One day the medical community will consider our brains and our bodies as one big happy country just walkin’ around & talkin’ and thinkin’ (and according to that last charmingly colloquial tone I just took, not using the letter “G” either).

Look, don’t judge me, okay?!  I go

“folksy” when I talk about heavy sh**.  So


MovinG on…  I decided to pen a verrrrrry short one-act play for two actors: the body & the brain.

I call it…


Location: A heavily guarded border-crossing somewhere in the desert between body & brain.

Bodyguard: Can I see your papers ma’am?

Brain: What do you mean, papers? I’m YOU! Andyou’re me! We’re all one!

Bodyguard: Unh huh. Sorry ma’am, can’t let you pass. And if you’re smart, you’ll keep quiet with all that commie-pinko-tree-lovin’-“were all one” happy horseshit.

Brain: But… please! I won’t be long.

Bodyguard: NO can do, smartypants.

Brain: (Manipulative crying– she’s good.  Really good) But she’s sick, and she needs me and….

Bodyguard:  (now also crying, but genuinely) All right, all right. Don’t get your neuron-panties in a wad. Who is it you’re here to see?

Brain:  (Sniffle sniffle) My kid…ney.

Bodyguard:  (Suddenly sporting a colorful turban, a handle-bar moustache, and speaking in a crazy, flamboyant accent.) Well!!! THAT’S A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR! Come right in!

click the  text (at left) to read the original cool quote that inspired all this “mishigas”!

Well, why didn’t ya THAY tho??

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