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On behalf of the good people at Auto-Correct®, I’d like to wish you all the happiest of New Years– free of mistakes, flubs, faux-pas, screw-ups, and just plain EPIC FAILS!

Barring that, may you have access to spell-check.  And barring THAT?  Well, there’s always white-out.

auto-correct new year’s wishes – YouTube.

On high-pressure holidays like New Year’s Eve, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re having a good time or NOT– so here’s a tip.  If what you’re doing looks like THIS?IMG_4299You might wanna hit a DIFFERENT party.  (Unless, of course, you dig sitting silently on an empty staircase, which… ya know… in that case, knock yourself out and order some cheese fries while you’re at it.  And tell me where you’ll be doing this cuz I’ll totes join you.

Mary Birdsong is an actress, a writer, and a lover of hats.

Mary Birdsong is an actress, a writer, and a bad speler.

How 'bout now?


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