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Ahhh… the ever-illusive COME-BACK 

Everyone loves a good come-back story.  Look at Shatner.  Look at him! For God’s sake, LOOK AT HIM!

Shatner- has a shelf-life longer than Little Debbie and most Ring-Dings COMBINED.                                  (^^^ He’s right there^^^)  

They said Shatner had as much of a chance at coming back from where he boldly went as Spock’s hippie brother, Sybock.

But the Prince of Priceline®  doesn’t “negotiate” with failure.

They said Judy Garland was  finished.  Done.  Kaput.IMG_3274judy

But nobody bothered asking THE GAYS if they were okay with that, now, DID they?

They weren’t.  So she keeps coming back.

Then there was Arrested Development (no

argument there) And now… Twinkies®. 

Filled with creamy comedy goodness.

Filled with creamy comedy goodness.Not even the despotic dinosaurs of the Holy Roman Network TV Empire could crush the Bluth family’s “comeback chi.”

Yes, Netflix is lending it’s Midas touch to Hostess®’s leading lady by adding the iconic cream-filled spongecake to it’s already impressive string of resurrected classics.   And no one saw it coming…

Netflix was a slow-build at first– the street cred of this upstart gaining momentum with each hipster who signed up in a Dylan-inspired, anti-cable protest.  Let us not forget that Netflix was once just another “New Kid On the Blockbuster®” dvd rental service.  Initially we expected nothing more from Netflix than the convenience of renting movies without leaving our homes.  But since the Holy Grail known as Arrested Development was added to it’s roster of reanimated comedy corpses, it’s started to achieve a near Messianic status among hipster tv snobs and the media who love to court them.  Netflix isn’t just a subscription video service anymore, or a web-centric tv-viewing hub… they’re miracle workers!!!  And the Bluth family is it’s Lazarus!

Roll back that ancient stone, woman! The death certificate issued by the Pherises of tv has no more power over death than their AARP cards or their VHS tapes!  I, NETFLIX, command ye… Roll back the stone and LET COMEDY…. LIVE!

Netflix raises the dead...

Netflix raises the dead…

Netflix has made watching tv respectable again.  Something to be PROUD of.

And okay, so…. no.  They’re not REEEEEEEALLY optioning Twinkies® as a half-hour multi-cam lead-in to AD.  But I wouldn’t put it past them.

You can get great interview-y goodness with A.D. creator Mitch Hurwitz on HuffPo, and further Hurwitz insights here.  Or, if you wear a tie to work, you might enjoy reading up on the business side of cream-filled sponge-cake here: Twinkies coming in July – CBS News.

And as for Judy, you can hear her talk all about her “come back” right here.

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