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I draw my dreams every morning to help me remember them more easily. Birdsong Dreams I’ll be posting the dream drawings here on a daily basis (or as often as I can).  (Bonus: Click on the drawing below of T-Bone & Brother Cornel & something fun will happen!)

Cornel & Brother T-Bone Help Mary Find Her Green Sparkly Purse

Brother Cornel & fictional Hip-Hop celeb “T-Bone” Help Mary Find Her Purse

As I drew my dream this moring, trying to recall the details, I thought it was Dr. Cornel West (author, philosopher & political raconteur) who’d made a guest appearance in my REM sleep.  He’s awesome.  He’s America’s favorite “black man named Cornel who wears glasses & talks about politics a lot.”  He hangs with Tavis. Cool.

 Cornell Belcher: “The other political black man” (I have a secret crush on him, by the by.  Er… I guess now it’s a not so secret crush)

 Even though my dreams did place Dr.West out of context (he was partying with a famous hip-hop artist in a private booth at a loud nightclub, and blatantly staring at my ass) he was still easily recognizable.  But as I stepped back to survey the drawing I’d done, something seemed suspicious.  Something was off. But what… was it?   Hmmm…. Ah HA!  It  was the bow-tie! Of course!   My dreams had this “black man named Cornel who wears glasses & talks about politics a lot” rockin’ a bow-tie, which isn’t liken Dr.Cornel West at all.  And then I realized… you know who that iiiiiiis like?  Anuhhhhhther “black man named Cornel who wears glasses & talks about politics a lot”:  Cornel BELCHER!  Now in my defense I can, of course, differentiate between the two Cornels when I’m awake, but asleep?  Not so much. My dreams sort of mushed them together in a genetic Cornel mash-up.  In other words…



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