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What's the point?

Sometimes I just feel like… “What’s the point?” Then I realize… I’m WEARING it.

Ahhh… mental health.  They say it’s trending now!  But would you be willing to actually say out loud in front of witnesses that some form of mental illness is affecting your loved ones? Or maybe even YOU? That takes more than mental HEALTH, mes amis.  That takes mental BALLS!

Oh, suuuuuure… People love to complain about bodily injuries.  Or something we can all really grasp- like our malfunctioning, off-the-charts blood pressure.  We’ll chat about it with total strangers while sitting at a bar or at the water cooler on a coffee break.  Isn’t it fun to commiserate about that chronic back pain with Susie in accounting?  Sciatica?  We’re all over that shit!  Or laughing about how “wasted” we got (well, certainly not ME, but..) last weekend? But heaven forbid we discuss injuries or chemical imbalances that happen in that scary forbidden realm in the north–

Above The Shoulders!!!!

Also known as… our brains. But hey guess what our brains are attached to… Yeeeeeaaah- bingo.  Our bodies.

Why do our BODIES get all the attention and acceptance and concern but our brains don’t?  What is this separate but equal bullshit?  Why this brain/body segregation?  I mean, you may as well hang a sign over the brain saying…


brain and body- where the brain is rosa parks

Separated and totally Unequal, according to our culture.

The human brain is now the Rosa Parks of our culture.  And it needs to be talked about. So three cheers to Glenn Close for starting the conversation- with her sister. Her sister Jessie battles w/bipolar 1 disorder. And I’ll continue the conversation, cuz it happens to appear at least once in my own family.  And the guy still managed to do some pretty cool stuff. Nothing too impressive, mind you. He just… ya know… helped figure out that whole “let’s put a man on the moon” thing. He was an astrophysicist.  And he finally got help. So so-called “sanity?” Sanity can suck it!

one small step for mental health

man on moon gives props to bipolar NASA astrophysicist for getting him to the moon!











Check out Bring Change to Mind.  Watch a cool PSA (on schizophrenia) here:

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