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A while ago, I started drawing images from my dreams in my journal every so often, a few minutes after waking up. It was sort of fun, and I thought it might improve my dream-recall skills. Well, a couple of years and a wholllllllle lotta journals later, I can tell you that my hunch was right. What started out as a bunch of sporadic, bleary-eyed doodlings has grown into a daily obsession, with an ever-expanding toolbox of dream-drawing implements. My “medium” USED to be whatever journal I happened to be writing in at the time, and a Papermate Flair® black felt-tip pen. Now? It’s progressed to include a large sketch book, a slew of assorted magic markers, highlighter pens of all shapes and sizes. And Sharpies! Ohhh, my sweet sweet Sharpies!!! But my favorite addition to the toolbox is lots of White-Out® and cheap nail polish.
Oh, and I still use my trusty Papermate Flair® black felt-tip pen as my jumping-off point. That’ll never change.
Mary Birdsong.





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  • Comment by Anne Kimball — September 11, 2012 @ 5:14 am

    I love these.  They are SO cool.  Love your arsenal, too.  Keep drawing those dreams!

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