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Do you know what Billy Crystal, Sammy Davis Jr, Marc Maron, Judy Garland, Joan Rivers, Arianna Huffington & Mohammed Ali, all have in common?  They alllll recently performed in David Feldman’s hilarious podcast!  Feldman is a 3-time Emmy winning writer who has graced the scripts of Bill Maher and Dennis Miller among others.  And lucky for us he is now a podcaster!  This isn’t your typical “two stoned dudes sitting around farting” podcast.  This has scripts.  With jokes!  And amazing character actors like Carlos Alazraqui.  The last one I took part in had brilliant curmudgeon and fellow podcaster Marc Maron as the special guest.  So check it out.  You can subscribe to the whole series at iTunes for free, or downlowd individual mp3 episodes (also free) at Feldman’s website .  (Tip: the episode I’m in is part two of “Marc Maron @ The Poddies.”  I think I enter at about minute 12:00 as Joan Rivers, then later as Judy Garland, and I also appear as the airline pilot and as Arianna Huffington.

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