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Miss JellyBean and Mr. Nisky

I have two cats– Nisky & Jellybean. Just the two. They’re not all that much trouble. And yet, at the end of a long day I can wallow in the woe-is-me’s just from staring down their litter box. But thanks to the post below from one of my favorite blogs, (Life On the Funny Farm) I can immediately feel better knowing that a woman somewhere is caring for 45 (that’s right- FORTY-FIVE!) critters. BY CHOICE! (Not to mention a husband and six kids, too).  And she lives here:

Life on the Funny Farm: Animal Hoarder.

Noah- Savior of the human race? Or Earth's first animal hoarder?

Animal Planet should do a spin-off of that Hoarders show. Maybe Noah wasn’t the savior of the human race so much as he was Earth’s very first animal hoarder. Whatever the case, the author of this blog (“Life on the Funny Farm”) sure has a lot in common with the dude.   And if we ever see a catclysmic flood in our lifetime, me and my two cats are heading straight for the Funny Farm.  With so many kids and critters running around, I doubt she’d notice one more desperate stowaway.  I’ll even scoop the cat boxes.

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