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Judy Speaks!

Now you can have your very own personal copy of a rare live performance on DVD– via EBay!  For the person who collects Judy memorabilia, their collection won’t be complete without this rare Judy Garland DVD (as performed by Mary Birdsong).

judy garland dvd old poster of judy garland paper doll

With her career, her health and her social life going down the tubes, an embattled Judy Garland made a last-chance comeback in the early 1960s and privately recorded her thoughts on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. She’d hoped to transcribe the late-night ramblings into a best-selling auto-biography that could support herself and her beloved children without having to exhaust herself with yet another concert tour.  That autobiography never did get published, but after years of red tape these dark but humorous recordings have gone public & Mary Birdsong brings them to life on stage.  


judy garland dvd photo by david kniazuk

I’ll sing ’em all…. and we’ll stay all NIGHT!

Be a fly on the wall of Judy’s bedroom as she reminisces about her early days at MGM, her dogged attempts at a happy marriage, and her battle to conquer the addictions that tormented her.  Though the show does travel into dark places in Judy’s psyche, it is ultimately a loving tribute to what Judy Garland left all of us… her genius, her artistry, her wit, and above all– the passionate, compelling storytelling done through song that no one delivered like she did.  Judy opened her heart to us again and again, and this show is an attempt to remind the world that she was so much more than an innocent little girl in a blue gingham dress, or the tortured, drug-addled torch song legend that became both icon and guardian angel to the gay rights movement.  There were so many beautiful colors in between those two extremes.  So many colors that created the rainbow we remember as Judy Garland.  

Judy Speaks! wowed audiences at the HBO COMEDY FESTIVAL in Aspen, CO (directed by Julie Kramer), and won Mary a spot on the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’S list of “TOP 10 TALENTS ON THE RISE!”  The show later found a home in New York City at the Ars Nova Theatre under the direction of downtown visionary GregoryWolf of Moonwork fame. Judy Speaks was also produced by Playhouse Merced in CA, and at the HBO Workspace in L.A. This 90 minute one woman show features spectacular jazz arrangements by Daniel Levy, with Miss Birdsong singing the legendary Garland vocal stylings & arrangements herself, live.  And although she makes no claim at being Garland’s equal, vocally, it became commonplace during the run of the show for elderly audience members (retired industry folks who’d worked with Garland herself) to wait for Mary after the show to hug her and tell her how very grateful they were to have “their Judy” back again for a night.  This show is no Vegas act.  Rather than doing an impersonation of the icon, Birdsong “channeled” the very essence of America’s sweetheart that become the Carnegie Hall legend.

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