Mary Birdsong


I’m in small-town North Carolina, shooting this film (Angry White Man) & very late last night I got “blessed” by a young male clerk @ the 24-hr gas station/convenience store.

I ain’t a church-goin’ woman, but there was something calming about this total stranger just nonchalantly wishing me a “blessed mornin'” after I bought my Tums and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (don’t ask). And “mornin’?”  It was pitch black out, but what is bed time for me is, I guess, “mornin'” for this sweet kid.  Can we make it “hip” & edgy somehow to say sh** like “Have a blessed mornin'” in LA & NY? Without any religious aftertaste? Taking a cue from Justin “Timbercake”-  I’m bringin’ bless-ed back!

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