Mary Birdsong


Here’s a small sampling of terms people typed in to various search engines yesterday to find me on the web. I know this to be true because my website keeps track of things like this on a “stats” page so I know which websites are driving the most traffic to my humble internet home.  (Funny- they didn’t teach us this social media sh** in acting class at Tisch.  Huh.) Just take a gander at #2 on the list, for example:

“mary birdsong ass”

The secret to a great actor's ability to hone their technique?  "Shake 'em if ya got 'em!"

Now… keep in mind, I have my masters degree in acting from The American Conservatory Theater up in San Francisco.  I’ve studied Shakespeare, performed on Broadway and in Oscar-nominated films.  I even studied with the late great Stella Adler- the “grand dame” of the theatre (accent on the theat-RE) before she died.  But having done all that, it’s comforting to know that the best career advice an actor can get in this business is still…

“Shake ’em if ya got ’em, baby!”

Mary Birdsong as "Vixen Fox" in the Elaine May play "Adult Entertainment"

Mary Birdsong as porn star “Vixen Fox” in the Off-Broadway play “Adult Entertainment”, by Elaine May.



Mary "this turtleneck is a dickie" Birdsong.

I know I LOOK innocent, but this turtleneck is a dickie.

(You can search for me using any  term you like, but you’ll look way classy if you search me on my new web-series: Bitter Party of 5. Just go to YouTube & type “Bitter Party of Five: Episode 4 (Guest: Martha Plimpton).


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