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Is it so wrong that I have a crush on Harvard professor (& budding PBS star)  Michael Sandel?

Harvard professor Michael Sandel

This tv series (“Justice w/Michael Sandel”) is pretty amazing.  It’s shot on location in a beautiful Harvard lecture hall. And when I watch it?  It’s fun to pretend that I actually GO to Harvard.  I dress up in wool sweaters & khaki pants, sit in my living room in front of the TV, summon a rock-solid feeling of entitlement, and raise my hand, hoping Prof. Sandel will call on me for my views on everything from Same-Sex Marriage to Cannibalism.  (All kidding aside, it’s seriously a riveting show.  And I’m not kidding about Professor Sandel– he has a sort of Dr. Drew, smarty-pants sexiness.  I might need some private tutoring.

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