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In 99 Cent Whore’s beloved Easter special, you’ll learn the origin of many Easter and Passover traditions. And keep watching, because you don’t want to miss her special Easter song she sings to Jesus (it starts at minute 1:29). One of the most beloved easter songs on youtube- you’ll be sure to make it a family tradition!

You can even sing along- the lyrics are below… (and if you are allergic to video- click here to play the song only):

HAPPY EASTER JESUS (“Pasqua Felice”)

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Jesus is risen (he is risen) so our prices are staying low (just 99 cents).

Jesus is risen (Christ is risen!) so all our Easter stuff has to go.

All our sins are forgiven (like murder & stealing) so jellybeans are just 59 cents.

Because Christ is risen,

(Christ is risen!) get your Easter grass cheap and smoke it while you repent.

Chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies have never been crucified and left to die, but they taste awful good (Mmm!)

I wish that I could give some to Jesus when he was crucified and left to die on that old cross of wood. It would have done him some good.

So Happy Easter to you Jesus. You deserve a basket filled with Easter grasses and Peeps®, Marshmallow Peeps®. We all say “Muchos Gracias!” (Muchos Gracias!) 4 getting up on that cross. You’re the bomb! You’re the boss! Pasqua Felice. Pasqua Felice. And Peeps®.









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