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12.30.13 20131230-152034.jpg “I’m Bringin’ Chastity Belts Back!”


OTIS Exclamation Point by birdsongdreams on Etsy.

What does pro-basketball, Jimmy Palumbo, and a front yard full of pebbles have to do with me? Click above on the link to my store (BIRDSONG DREAMS) and find out!

I draw my dreams every morning to help me remember them more easily. Sometimes I’ll even remember five from one night. They’re all done in magic marker, nail polish, white-out… pretty much whatever is handy. I started posting them on Facebook, and then on this website. People seemed to get a kick out of them. But when people started asking if they could buy them I said, “BUY my DREAMS?!! How DARE you suggest that I’d sell my– Okay.”

So now I sell prints of my dream drawings, signed personally, on my store- Birdsong Dreams

I’ll post the dream drawings here on a daily basis, as often as I can, and if you see any that you just have to have, let me know, or just go to the Etsy store and request one.

Dream Drawing #k-18: "This City Ain't Real"

Dream Drawing #k-18: “This City Ain’t Real”





(Bonus: Click on the drawing below of T-Bone & Brother Cornel & something fun will happen!)

Cornel & Brother T-Bone Help Mary Find Her Green Sparkly Purse

Brother Cornel & Brother T-Bone Help Mary Find Her Green Sparkly Purse

My dream somehow managed to re-cast political raconteur, author & philosopher Dr. Cornel West in the “against type” role of a hip-hop recording artist. But my dream also had him rockin’ a bow-tie, which isn’t like Dr. West at all. But you know who it iiiiiiis like? Anuhhhhhther “black man named Cornel who talks about politics a lot”: Cornel BELCHER!

Cornell Belcher: “The other political black man” (I have a secret crush on him, by the by. Er… I guess now it’s a not so secret crush)

Cornel West- Everytime I see him I can’t help but think that Quentin Tarantino is hiding behind the nearest podium, giggling. Mr. West is THAT bad-ass and smooth and fierce that he makes you think you’re watching a hologram of a Pulp Fiction character. With his DOCTORATE, mah brothuh!








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To any Reno 911 fans out there saying to themselves “Gee, she looks kinda familiar….” Hello! Yes- I was Deputy Kimball from Comedy Central’s Reno 911. It will be an honor to move from your tv screens to your living room walls!

Reno's finest- hittin' the clubs.



Ann Margretitis- Don’t Let It Happen to You!!! (then again- you should only be so lucky… she’s awesome!)










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