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After seeing a story on BBC News about the awful plight of the drought victims in Ethiopia & Somalia, I went online to search for ways to donate.


A half an hour later I was buying cute vintage dresses online & totally forgot about the babies with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes.

Man.  That pretty much sums up the trouble with the world today.  (Cue Michael Jackson: “I’m lookin’ at the man in the mirror…”)   Yes, the trouble with the world today is?   (envelope please…)

Me.  And people LIKE me– Good people with good intentions, so inundated with opportunities to consume that we suffer from C.A.D.D.  (Consumer Attention Deficit Disorder).  My good intentions went INTO the computer, but all that came OUT was more consumerism than my closet can handle. I guess this season’s “flirty jumpers” and “empire waist sundresses” trump starving, helpless babies in the horn of Africa, and all the dead livestock that was supporting the families of those babies.  And… and…

Did I buy the dresses?  Oh yeah.  But at least this time I matched the gift to myself with a gift to someone else.  Good for me.

Hey, imagine if this were to catch on– the idea of not giving INSTEAD of getting, but giving WHILE getting?  Imagine what would happen if even 5% of the profits from our major American film studios were donated to global relief programs. Or…. (and I’m just spitballing here….) what if we just took the entire production of Spiderman and plopped it down smack-dab in the middle of Somalia?  We could just fill their concession stands with rice and clean water instead of M&M’s and Diet Coke.  People could buy expensive t-shirts with the show’s logo on them and then outfit the entire population with Spidey’s image.

Why not have every single mother-loving purchase we make in this country give a mandatory donation of 1% of the purchase price to some predetermined charity or aid organization?

Me?  I chose to donate through Save The Children.  90% of the donations they receive go to the actual recipients and the programs that benefit them, and they aren’t affiliated with ANY political or religious causes/denominations, etc.

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