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Share a Coke® and a…. snarky, immature giggle.  But come on- this new marketing idea could turn out to be the most fun name game EVER!  Oh, advertising!  You coy little harlot, you!

Share a Coke and a.... snarky, immature giggle.  But come on- this could turn out to be the most fun name game EVER!

Don’t get me wrong- I truly love Coca Cola products. Right now I’m really into CokeZero®– so much so that I gotta be careful with it. I swore off soda for years because I used to drink so much Diet Coke® that I had to get off of it cold turkey when I quit cigarettes. Kept a 20 oz bottle in my purse at all times. I was hooked. Not kidding- I would not smoke a cigarette without a Diet Coke, and I would not have a Diet Coke without a cigarette.  I was like the people who’d only light up when they drank booze. But since I didn’t drink booze, I chose to light up only when I had a Diet Coke.  And I ALWAYS had a diet coke.  And now, after a lonnnnnng hiatus from the evil DC, I have been dallying in CokeZero.  Seems harmless enough, right?  I mean…. it’s not like I’m having a Diet Coke.  But I find myself craving these “Zeros” more and more.

Coke Zero could have me flowing down that slippery-soda-slope to my ultimate, carbonated doom. 

p.s. I just had an awful thought.  If I buy a Coke Zero with my name on it (Mary), and I drink it all up with great satisfaction, does that make me a narcissist?

Yes.  Yes, it does.

God bless the United States of a Narcissist.

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