Mary Birdsong


“Obama won because he gave gifts to key demographic groups.”  

— Mitt Romney 

Thank you, Mitt, for your recent insightful comments.  Now I FINALLY know who sent me that HUGE heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered contraceptives on Nov 6th!  Mmmm… reproductive freedom is delicious!

“Barak… was that YOUUUUU??? (high-pitched girly voice) Ohhhh, Bama….

Sweet, sweet. Mr. President.  You SHOULDN’T have!!”  (blush)

Thanks for the contraceptives, sweetheart.  (Isn’t he the dreeeeeeeeeamiest?)

Stupid Jerk-Head Obama. I asked all the girls to the dance first.  It’s not FAAAAIIIIIR! I mean… he’s not even that cute!  



Read more about it in The Huffngton Post:

Mitt Romney: Obama Won With ‘Gifts’ To Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters.

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