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Allah beedle-bee-bop!

Allah beedle-ee-bee-bop!


Allah eh…

                                                                   The whole point of the fundamentalist Muslim leaders forcing Sharia law on “their” women seems to be that the  female’s “sinful flesh” be covered up at all times. But who says it has to be covered up by a voluminous, shapeless old burqa or niqab? Why not at least give the oppressed Muslim woman an alternative?

One that is equally “modest” but LOADS more fun? Enter, the ZOOT SUIT*! Or, as the French say, LE SUIT DE ZOOT! I think Cab Calloway would be all for it. And so would Allah.

*Photo of Cab Calloway’s zoot suit* courtesy Gregg Barnes’ indisputably awesome Pinterest board “1940-1950.” If you have any interest in fashion history and period costumes, you simply MUST go to his Pinterest page.

**The bad photo-shopping of my face onto Cab’s is all me.   Not Gregg’s.

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