Mary Birdsong


@kmontleon & i hailed a #taxi late last nt, but noticed 2 brothuhs had hailed it right b4 us, so we gave it up 2 them. Their hands hadn’t even reached the door handle & that cab sped away faster than u can say ni**er.  timing was absolutely COMICAL. the 4 of us shared a dark laugh. really hit home that all the standup comix i’ve heard craft punchlines about it over the years? that sh**’s fo reeeal, yo. upside- kathleen & i apologized 4 our race, & the dudes asked us 2 hang out & drink w/them.  we politely declined, because she’s married & i don’t drink. & because they were BLACK. i mean… BLACK men?  Eeeeeek!  Taxiiiiiii!

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