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from left to right: (ex) pope benedict, mary birdsong, greg cromer, romy rosemont, jimmy fallon, jason antoon, tricia o'kelley, jay leno

Hi Jay.  We’re Bitter Party of Five.  Ever hear of us?


You will.

Probably sooner than you’d like.  Cuz you’ll be sharing meals at OUR house– at a festive table, festooned with regret, and filled with your fellow NBC rejects!  (You can hear all about our bitter tale of “no” here, in the pilot episode of our post-NBC web series talk show- “Bitter Party of Five.”)

Ya see… we GET you, Jay.  We know how you feel.  We know how you feel, too, Pope Benny.  (Sure, sure, Benny…. we know you “resigned.”  But then… so did Nixon.)

Come join us, you two.  Come over to the dark side!  Getting an ex-host of The Tonight Show or an ex-Pope as guests on our web series would be a HUGE feather in our cap.  Sound crazy?  Deluded?  Sure.

But maybe not.

We’ve already shot episodes with an impressive line-up of celebrities:  Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope), Allison Janney (West Wing), Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) Wayne Knight (Seinfeld), and Chris Colfer (Glee), just to name a FEW.  Next celeb we have our bitter sights set on?  RINGO STARR!  Cue the backup singers!  (This one’s for you, Jay…)

“Ooh, I get bitter with a little help from my friends…”

I know there is great division in our land.  A storm of partisanship where enemies wage war against each other based merely on a person’s taste in late night talk shows.  My own father Pete Birdsong, for example, is a P.C.-using, Republican-voting, Catholic model-railroader living way further inland than L.A., and he LOVES the Leno.  Can’t get enough.   And me?  Well, let’s just say my Dad and I agree to NOT discuss politics or late night talk show hosts.  But whether you’re in camp Letterman or Leno, PC or Mac, GOP or tree-hugging commie… everyone goes “ouch” when they’re no longer invited to the party.  So, Jay?  Benedict?  Pull up a chair and let’s all feast on “Peacock under glass.”  Served with bitter herbs.

Jay Leno jokes about being booted from NBC | Inside TV |

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Now go on…. Go on, get out of here!  You have a lotta shit to do.  Get a-tweetin’!

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