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Despite the namesake of this website (that’d be me- Mary Birdsong) mistakenly thinking we were interviewing Laura Bell Bundy, this episode was actually not a humiliating disaster for the Bitter gang (for once).

That’s a lie.  Of course it was a humiliating disaster.  That’s our niche.

The beautiful, talented (and in this photo above, somewhat punitive) Laura Benanti, of NBC’s (now cancelled) Go On.  Is it a coincidence that since she shot this episode of our bitter web series, the interviewEE is now eligible to hop across the table to join her interviewERS on the bitterly unemployed side?  Perhaps.  Then again- she’s her.  And not us.  So I give her newly “available” status about…. two weeks tops.

via Laura Benanti: Bitter Party of Five, Episode 8 – YouTube.Tony Awards Benanti Rannells Hilty Harris on Stage - H 2013

(From bitterest to barely bitter): Laura Benanti, Andrew Rannells, Megan Hilty, and “that ole chestnut,” NPH*.

*NPH stands for Neil Patrick Harris in case you’re a plumber or a paleontologist or a glass-blowing artisan who reads my blog but has no idea what NPH stands for.  Now you KNOW!  IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS!

Red-Solo-CupFUN IDEAS FOR BITTER PARTY OF FIVE WATCHING!  How about a drinking game?  Every time the very hairy Jason Antoon takes a sip from his super styling- bright red Solo® drinking cup, you have to chug*!

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*Doesn’t have to be booze either.  Do like I do and make yourself a Milk-Tini!  It’s simple-  a little Horizon organic milk in a martini glass, and add a festive cookie garnish! (And chicks will dig your hipster milkstache!)

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