Mary Birdsong


Mary Birdsong draws her dreams every morning to help remember them. When people asked to buy them she said, “BUY my DREAMS?!! How DARE they suggest– Okay.”
And if any Reno 911 fans are saying to themselves “Gee, she looks kinda familiar….”  Yes- Mary was Deputy Kimball on Comedy Central’s Reno 911.  She loved being in people’s homes on the small screen each night.  And now she wants to move from your tv screens to your walls.  So if you hear an authoritative Southern drawl say “Hands against the wall!,” don’t be scared.

Click either of the masterpieces below to go to her store on, but remember… no cyber-shoplifting!

The Reno Sheriff's Dept.

Dreams For Sale: Mary Birdsong's Etsy Shop

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