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Co-Star Tallulah Bankhead by Mary Birdsong 1 on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free.


This is the awesomest of awesomes– just one in a series of records (put out in the late 50s I think) called…

“CO-STAR! The Record Acting Game!”

It was like karaoke for bored housewives– but instead of songs, it was scenes that were recorded by movie stars– from movies, or plays. The “Co-Star!” folks would get a star of some note to record the dialogue of a certain character in a movie, and leave blank spaces in between their lines so you could say YOUR lines (as the other character in the scene) WITH them. Each record came with a script in the record jacket so you could read along and know what your lines were, etc. IT. IS. HILARIOUS. But this record in particular is so juicily delicious because Mzzzz. Bankhead insisted on doing a special introductory speech (basically a free acting lesson) at the top of the record. It’s hilarious, and yet– probably the best acting advice I’ve ever heard. Damn it, if she ain’t ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Thank you, Mzzzz. Bankhead, dahhling.

p.s. One more thing that’s so great is that her voice is amazing– so rich and full of character and that old time unapologetically “diva” movie star quality that has since vanished (except, perhaps, for dear Lady Gaga). You can literally TASTE the cigarettes she’s smoking (and probably lit up a few times WHILE recording this, i bet).


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