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A public service announcement from Bitter Party of Five’s Mary Birdsong to offer help for non-celebrity actors during pilot season .  If you are a non-celebrity actor in Hollywood for pilot season, or you KNOW a non-celebrity actor in Hollywood for pilot season, please watch.  You’ll learn about some of the roles I’ve audition for.  These are not made up.   These are actual character descriptions of roles for which I’ve auditioned.  And some of them?  I booked!

Bitter Party of Five: Pilot Season PSA from Mary Birdsong – YouTube.

* Pilot season is an intense three-month period in Hollywood during which a large percentage of newly purchased tv pilots audition thousands of actors.  Picture The Grapes of Wrath, and then add a bunch of starving “charismatic” seagulls fighting viciously for fish scraps on the beach.

Won’t be pilot season for TOO much longer, ya hear?  I tell ya, I just GOTTA get us one of them tv roles that them Hollywood folks ‘r a-lookin’ fer.  Single-cam… multi-cam… heck, I don’t care HOW many cams.  It’s just… well, a fella’s gotta EAT, don’t he?  DON’T HE????!!!

Music: “Tiny Dancer” by CottonHead, vocals performed by Mary Birdsong (available on iTunes)

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