Mary Birdsong


My Aunt Mary down in Baton Rouge recently happened across a letter that was dictated to her by me on Monday, July 24, 1972. I was four years old.

The “Big Mama” & “Big Daddy” references should not be misconstrued as any indication that I, at the age of four, had developed a fascination with the plays of Tennessee Williams.  That wouldn’t come until much later.  I was at least eight.

p.s. I haven’t heard from cake icing in nearly 25 years.  If anyone has any information on how I might contact him, please let me know.

p.p.s. Is cake icing still single?

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  • Comment by Tom Cutler — January 18, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    How can anyone not read something from their past, another persons past, etc and not feel the nostalgic tug of childhood gone by.  The tenderness of our world and the sweetness we hoped for and worked for to bring into it.  I hope this has brought you much joy, as it did for your Aunt so long, long ago, 
    –Thomas N. Cutler

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