Mary Birdsong


Teensy-tinsy flowers busting through rock. If ever there was a candidate for my “higher power?” This bad-ass, rock-bustin’ bouquet wins, hands down.

20130723-072535.jpgWell, it’s sort of a toss-up between them and the “chuckle patch.”

The Chuckle Patch.

Whaddya mean, “Who are the–”

Wait… you mean you’ve never heard of the Chuck–?? That’s– That’s just–

I’m sorry. I just– I think I need a moment.

Shit, I CAN’T BELIEEEEEEEVE you don’t know who…


Come onnnnn, The CHUCKLE PATCH!

YOU know… As in the “CHUCKLE Patch” chuckle patch!
(long exhausted sigh, voice pitches up an octave)
“The Chuckle Patch?!”
(More sighing. More eye-rolling)
… from The Magic Garden?! With Paula & Carole? And Shirlock the orange squirrel? Oh, just– just–

My point is that the flowers above are my heroes today.
You can borrow them if you like. But if you try to rip them out of that rock, guess who’s gonna win.
Just guess.

Note to self: Pitch product to Astra-Zeneca Pharmaceuticals for a new type of anti-depressant you wear like a nicotine patch. And call it The Chuckle Patch. (Licensing issues? Hmmmm. Details, petty details. This is gonna be huge!)


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