Mary Birdsong


Uh oh… Not so fast, health-nuts!  Looks like that harmless bottle of vitamins isn’t so harmless AFTER all!  I was juuuuuust about to gulp down a big dose of HEALTH & VITALITY, when I noticed something SUSPICIOUS… this little cylindrical black device…

Which is clearly some sort of BOMB!!  Good thing I’ve been taking so much Vitamin A, otherwise, my eyesight would be crap, and I never would have seen it!  

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  • Comment by carla — August 17, 2011 @ 11:13 pm

    Thank God your safe! I would just lob the whole damn thing at Sarah Palins gun collection…while she’s cleaning them. If the bomb explodes…well…it WAS a bomb. If not, she can enjoy all the health & vitality that was intended for you, and we can take a couple of those horse pills and stick them in our ears. I assume she brays even louder when she’s feeling good!  

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